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Pizza Review: San Jose

I was out in San Jose a little while ago, and of course had to check out the pizza scene. The pickings seemed slim based on what I read on Yelp and Dr. Google, but I found a place that looked promising. 

Pizza Bocca Lupo is based in an upscale food court-ish area in the center of San Jose. In the back was a small, wood-fired pizza place that seemed really promising!

Tasting notes:

  • + Crust had great texture; even though it looks dry, it was actually nicely chewy
  • + The sauce was excellent. It was sweet, with the tiniest kick at the end. Great
  • - Despite having a great texture, the crust was bland.

Overall, it was a good visit! The place is worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in San Jose. A solid B choice (3 stars).