Wharton FinTech Interview with Aaron Frank

I had the chance to interview Aaron Frank and Ben Apel for Wharton FinTech's podcast. Aaron is the CEO of a super interesting startup called Final. I've been tracking them for nearly 2 years now, so it was a treat to get to interview them. 

As I wrote on LinkedIn, if you like FinTech, and you appreciate mediocre audio quality, this is the podcast for you!

Podcast Review: Science Vs.

I love podcasts, and occasionally I'll listen to a new one to see if it can be added to my rotation. Gimlet, creators of Mystery Show and Startup, recently introduced a new show called "Science Vs."

The show promises to "pit facts against everything else" and demystify a variety of topics. So far, they've covered fracking, attachment parenting, and gun violence. The first of two gun-focused episodes is below.

I've given three episodes a listen, and I don't think I'll be going back for a fourth. The show is interesting, but it's in this weird middle ground: not quite analytical/rigorous enough for me to trust the sources (though they do provide extensive citations on the website), but not quite emotional enough to keep me engaged.

If you're looking for an overview of the topics to research on a given topic, Science Vs. is a good start, but it falls short of really teaching me something new. Also, in the episode above, the host said "backslash" when she meant "front slash" when describing a URL. Yuck.