Wharton FinTech Interview with Aaron Frank

I had the chance to interview Aaron Frank and Ben Apel for Wharton FinTech's podcast. Aaron is the CEO of a super interesting startup called Final. I've been tracking them for nearly 2 years now, so it was a treat to get to interview them. 

As I wrote on LinkedIn, if you like FinTech, and you appreciate mediocre audio quality, this is the podcast for you!

Learning about the future of marketing offers from Santander

I opened a checking account with Santander about a year ago for two reasons: 1) they were paying me $20 a month to do so, and 2) I wanted to compare their account experience (opening, usage, mobile/web, etc.) to Capital One's. 

Unsurprisingly, they killed their Extra20 product and the benefits will be changing in ~2 months. Bank strategists and marketers have a few lessons to learn from this ill-fated product.

Read more about it here, on Medium.

Soapbox 1: The future of Banks

Over the past several months, I've been networking with people across the FinTech industry. One of my favorite "stump speeches" is on the future of banks. Long-story short: banks have a choice to either innovate their way out of the trap they're in, or they can embrace it and change their business model.

Both paths have their challenges, but I don't think they'll have time to wait. They need to make a choice.

From Flickr user John Wheeler

For the short-story long, click here.