Pizza Reviews

Pizza review: A16, Marina District, SF

I was in SF for a wedding this weekend and had a free morning so I decided to try out another highly regarded Neapolitan pizza place. After checking Google and Yelp, I settled on A16, an Italian place with a wood fired oven in the Marina District of SF.

The name of the restaurant refers to a central highway which runs along a region in Italy that is only now becoming well known for their wine. Accordingly, they have an expansive wine list at seemingly reasonable prices. 

I didn't try the wine though. I was here for the pizza. 

Tasting Notes: A16

  • + The crust was very good. It might need a little more salt, but it was overall excellent. 
  • + The pie was served whole, with super sharp shears that you can use to cut the pie. Neat touch. 
  • + Cheese and basil were neither good nor bad, just fine. 
  • - The sauce was so, so, so tart. Offensively so. Really unpleasant. 

Overall: The sauce ruined a good pie. With an average sauce, A16 was looking at a 3 or maybe 4 star rating. As it was, it deserves 2/5. 

On the way back to my AirBnB, we happened to drive through a food truck event in the Presidio. When I saw the Del Poppolo truck, I asked my Lyft driver if he wouldn't mind pulling over for 2 minutes for me to check it out. The Del Poppolo truck is the most beautiful food truck I've ever seen. Truly spectacular. I didn't have a chance to try a pie at the truck, but if it's anything like the pies in their B&M store, I bet it's excellent.