Things I like (Non-Pizza)

Podcasts I'm currently listening to:

  • 99% invisible - As someone with an appreciation for design, but little ability to draw myself, this podcast always makes me think:

  • The Moth - storytelling

  • Serial - Season 1; Season 2 was a bit long-winded for me

  • Mystery Show - a light-hearted show about a woman who solves mysteries. Hopefully it comes back after Gimlet bailed on the show (see update here).

  • Startup - produced by the same group as Mystery Show, an extremely honest look at starting a (podcasting) business.

    • Recent favorite: All of Season 1, but also this one which focuses on fundraising, and unconscious bias against women.

  • This American Life - the gold standard of storytelling

  • Planet Money - My favorite show; it's able to take college level material and present it at a 7th grade level without pandering, or dumbing it down.

Stuff I've enjoyed reading:

  • The Shut In Economy by Lauren Smiley

    • This is one of my favorite articles I've ever read. I was linked to it by @ReformedBroker who called it "The Delivery Dystopia"; a perfect summation of this article.
  • Lead: America's Real Criminal Element by Kevin Drum

    • An amazingly convincing article that while Broken Window gets the credit, lead is the real cause of the rise/fall of crime. 

  • Buried Secrets by Patrick Radden Keefe

    • Truth be told, I like everything that Patrick writes, but this one was particularly gripping. A story about an Israeli businessman, mining in Africa, and the impact of the resource curse. 

  • The Fermi Paradox by Tim Urban

    • I rediscovered this article recently. I read it a very, very long time ago, but it was a great description of the likelihood of alien life. Key quote: "We’re rare, we’re first, or we’re fucked."